¿When is the best time to visit Costa Rica?

Traveling is always good but there is always the best time to visit a country. This will depend on your expectations and budget.

Costa Rica has two seasons; dry season goes from mid-November to the End-Beginning of May. This is the peak tourist season that, as a matter of fact, coincide with winter time in temperate regions.

The most popular time to visit Costa Rica is from about Mid December to Easter.

It is the dry season when thousands of tourists visit the Pacific Coast of Costa Rica called “Snowbirds”, at this time of the year is when dry sunny weather prevails on the beaches and wildlife such as tropical species like monkeys, crocodiles, and birds are found nesting, mating and giving birth.

Also, if you’re looking for hot weather, visit volcanoes, beaches, fishing, sunset sailing, and you don´t mind spending a little more because everything is more expensive, then the dry season is your best time to visit Costa Rica.

Make sure you book your hotel and tours with at least 3 months ahead if you are coming on these months.

For many visitors is the other way around, the best time to travel is during the “green season” or “rainy season” when there are fewer tourists, prices drop down and everything is blooming and green, between the months of May-August.

Before you say no, is good for you to know that rainy season in the Pacific coast and central of Costa Rica, does not mean that is rainy all day long, at least, during May to August. Most of the tours can be done even if it rains and you will get better offerings at the hotels

A regular day during this months is sunny in the morning and rains in the afternoon between 4:00 pm. to 5:00 pm. In the case of the Caribbean coast, is the rainiest part in Costa Rica. Mind you, that Costa Rica can get quick rain showers at any time and any place. Also, you can check our blog of What To Bring.

Mind you that there is the Indian summer or short dry spell during the end of June through the beginning of July.

There are 3 school vacations in Costa Rica, first, is from the second week of December to the first week of February second, is Easter week, and the last one is from July 1-15 when kids here go on a Midterm vacation with the

What about September and October? Well, these months are considered the rainiest months in the country, but best deals are from September to October, when fewer tourists come about the weather in Costa Rica.

In conclusion, the «best time» is a matter of choice, that´s why we expose to you the two seasons and the difference between both. Now, you can choose the best time for you and your family.

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